Ship Radar General

On many websites and with many different apps it is possible to get access to a ship’s radar. There are many free variants on which you can watch many ships live on the radar. For example, you can watch where your family or friends are located, or you can follow the delivery of your order more closely. However, you do not always have to have a precise reason to use a ship’s radar, it is also fun to observe the current traffic on the water in a free moment. You can view different rooms that you are interested in. You will also receive a lot of information such as departure, arrival port, draught and much more.

The remaining travel time and the ship model can also be easily displayed. So it can be really fun to look at the different ships and compare their size and speed. If a ship has just passed you and you want to know more about itinerary etc., you can do so easily at no extra cost.

Tracking the ships by radar

Schiff Radar Schiff Verfolgung Schiffe verfolgen

Try several ship radars to find the best one for your needs! There are many suppliers who refer to a certain area, such as the Port of Hamburg, but there are also international providers that provide shipping services worldwide. Basic data about the ships and their routes should always be preserved. The name and type of the ship are standard and in most cases there is even a picture to get a better idea of the ship. Also the arrival and destination port should always be indicated as well as speed and draught. It is particularly interesting to see from which countries the ships originated. You will be amazed at what a large number of ships from all countries pass by. However, always keep in mind when you are on the water and see a ship that it does not have to appear directly in front of you on the radar. Often the ship’s radars have a few minutes delay. So you have the opportunity a few minutes after the ship has passed you to experience all the important data and facts about it.
Since it is really interesting and exciting to watch the many different ships on the oceans, you should definitely take a look at such a radar. Even if you are not interested in ship, the discovery of the oceans can also captivate you from home.

A ship radar offers you many possibilities

If you want to zoom in on a large port, like the one in Hamburg, you will quickly lose track of all the ships. So you can imagine for a moment what it would be like to manage the entire ship’s volume there. In minutes, the ships come and leave the port and no chaos can erupt. For such special rooms, such as the Port of Hamburg, there is an own ship radar. These offer even more information and are somewhat clearer, as they are not designed for the global space, but especially for this metropolitan area. Types of ships can also be easily identified. In this way, a coloured marking can distinguish whether it is a freighter, tug, tanker, yacht or passenger ship.

Follow a special ship

Schiff Radar Schiff Verfolgung Schiffe verfolgenBy the IMO number, so the ship number you can easily track your desired ship. Either you will always have to go virtual after the ship or search for marine radar operators to facilitate persecution. In this case, the ship you are looking for is specially coloured or you can add the ship in “its fleet” and thus always has an accurate overview of where the ship is. This is also important, because in metropolitan areas, such as the departure or arrival port, the overview can be quickly lost. It is especially advantageous if you can hide all other ships so that you only have to concentrate on one ship. In the open sea you can then zoom out again to get an overview of how far the way is still. You may even find other ships that are currently on the same route. So before you follow a ship and try out several providers.

Ship Radar on computer

As you may already know from other radars, there is a wide range of marine radars online. Normally, no download or add-on is required to use such a radar. All you need is a current browser to avoid Performanzproblemen. Also, you don’t have to look long for free variants, as virtually all ship’s radars are free to their full extent. You just have to ask yourself what your demands are on the ship’s radar. Do you just want to take a look at the current traffic on the oceans in your break or do you want to follow a special ship? As there is such a large selection of marine radars, you should also try to find a special radar when you look at a special room. Therefore, test some vendors yourself to find exactly the right ship radar for you and not to miss any exciting information. So don’t use the first thing that jumps into your eyes, but let the functionality convince you.


Ship Radar: Also mobile always have the overview!

Schiff Radar Schiff Verfolgung Schiffe verfolgenMobile is also no problem for the monitoring of shipping traffic! However, the use of a ship’s radar in the browser window is not recommended. There is no optimization and therefore many errors occur. On many phones etc. It can lead to strong Performenceproblemen and there is no good overview on the map more possible. With optimized apps, it looks different again. There you have practically the same experience as on the computer. All the important data and facts about the ships are given and there are no performance problems. Also the operation is very simple and really fun! However, for many such apps money is required. The largest provider “MarineTraffic” offers his service on the computer free of charge, but on the mobile phone five euros are due. The app is recommended anyway, because a large amount is offered for a fair price. Of course there are also free alternatives, but you should inform yourself beforehand or test whether the scope is similar or at least satisfactory. The advantages that apps offer are of course not to be neglected! Some providers can be notified by Pushnachricht if the selected ship is delayed or has just reached the destination port. The apps are of course available on Android and iOS and should work on all current devices without any problems.


How does the tracking work?

AIS is the magic word in ship tracking. The abbreviation stands for automatic Identification system. The system has been in use since 2000 and has been shipping data since then. The data include ship name, IMO number, MMSI number, callsign, type of ship or dimensions. Dynamic data such as ship position, rate change rates, speed or navigation status are also transmitted. The introduction of the system was mainly used to increase the safety of ships. This is to prevent accidents caused by collisions or similar accidents. It also allows ships to determine exactly which ships are in their vicinity and to make direct contact. Since the ships are not only given the location but also more facts about the appearance, type etc., it is easy to identify the vessels from a greater distance. This technology transmits the data via FM signal. The problem is, however, that FM signals only have a limited range, depending on the transmission power and mast of the ship. In order to be able to receive the data everywhere, there are many AIS base stations on land that cover everything within a radius of 100 km. Satellites are used to get all the data on the sea as well. The AIS signal is also recorded on the high seas or in very remote areas. Since the whole technology is very expensive, only larger vessels have such an AIS signal transmitter. Smaller vessels often do not have one and are therefore not recognizable on the ship’s radars of “marinetraffic” etc. For all very large ships, the transmitter is obligatory! These include vessels with more than 50 passengers, 20 m in length or over 300 GT for professional vessels in international waters. Military ships, on the other hand, have no duty and therefore often have an AIS transmitter that can be switched off.

Ship radars are also for private use!

In fact, they should help the ships and the ports to coordinate all traffic on the water. This does not mean, however, that it is only suitable for these cases. Especially when you live the sea or a busy river, the use of a ship radar can help you. You will get data about the ships you see just before your eyes that you would never get without a ship radar. Especially in this day and age, it is no longer a problem to get the information that interests you and so it should be in shipping. But also for use at home or at lunch time, a ship’s radar can be suitable. It is interesting and entertaining to look at the traffic on the water and marvel at how many ships are on the road at the same time. Maybe you can even find an interesting route and the right boat for you to travel on.