Simple and FREE!

In this day and age, it is no longer a problem to follow everything in the world. It is also very easy to get the current route and further information for flights.
There are many providers where you can carry out your flight tracking or just look at the airspace in general. Most sites offer free flight tracking to the full extent. You will be spoilt for choice as to which provider you want to use.

So let me know which provider will offer you what you are looking for. Perhaps you can even find a new and interesting destination through the flight tracking, which you were unaware of before that it exists.

Countless information is available:


In a flight tracking, you will not only get data on where the plane is flying, but also a lot more interesting facts. The aircraft type, the airline and the flight number are also displayed. With many providers, there are even pictures of the individual aircraft, so that they get an even better idea. You will also often see the distance you have left and remaining. Delays or other problems are also visible, so you always know everything about the flight, what you want to know. The exact departure times at the airport as well as the probable arrival time at the destination airport are also constantly updated.
So if you see an airplane passing over them, it’s worth looking at a flight radar. You will receive all important information about the aircraft and flight route by tracking your flights within the shortest time. Keep in mind, however, that flight tracking often has a delay of about 10 minutes. So you still have a little time after you’ve seen a plane.

Flight tracking mobile or at home:

You can use flight tracking at any time on your mobile computer or on the go. On your computer you only have to open one of the countless websites and you have an overview of the entire airspace. No download or similar is necessary for this! As already mentioned, the flight tracking is very often free and therefore one should definitely look at the airspace. On your mobile phone you need to download an app to use the flight tracking! If you open an airspeed radar in the browser, it may cause crashes etc. However, using optimized apps is not a problem. Even there, most apps are free and offer a good size. Some providers still have special premium services that provide even more information, etc. For most people, however, the free use should suffice for a flight tracking. The apps are available for Android as well as iOS and run on a current smartphone without any problems. You even have the advantage of being notified by push message when the selected flight lands or is delayed. So, as you can see, it’s no problem to make a flight tracking no matter where you are.

Track a single flight:

FlugverfolgungIf your family or friends are traveling and you want to know exactly how they are, a flight tracking is just the thing. With many vendors, you can have a special flight color-coded if you want to follow it closely. It is also possible to let the other planes disappear from the radar so that they do not lose track. You should know the flight number so that you can follow the right flight. This way you can identify the right aircraft in a flight, and there is no confusion.  You have to be careful when starting and landing, because in metropolitan areas, such as airports, the planes start at a minute intervals. In order not to lose the orientation, it is sometimes advisable to use the radar from the respective airport. Many airports provide their own flight radar, so that the aircraft can be tracked even more precisely. Such a radar is more accurate and often offers more overview and information about the current airplanes in the airspace. However, the radar does not show the entire global airspace, but only the flight tracking in the vicinity of the airport is possible.Flugverfolgung im näheren Umfeld des Flughafens möglich.

Flight tracking Technology:

A technology called automatic Dependent Surveillance broadcast is used for flight tracking. Such an ADS-B transmitter is nowadays installed in every modern airplane and even duty in many countries. It transmits the data such as flight position or altitude via GPS to the receiving stations. These stations are distributed throughout the world and thus provide a nationwide flight tracking. Theoretically, it would even be possible to get the data for flight tracking with a small USB stick, but there may be some misinformation in this way. However, since not all aircraft have such an ADS-B transmitter, and especially small and private planes often do not get along, not all planes that are currently in the airspace are displayed on a flight radar for tracking. Nevertheless, practically all passenger machines etc. are shown and therefore a wide flight tracking is possible. So you should take advantage of this opportunity and make yourself a picture of how many planes are simultaneously in the air, distributed throughout the world.